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This describes an Item. Place these files inside the Items/ folder in your modpack.

Field Name Optional? Description Data Type

General Settings

name Name of the item string
sprite Path to sprite of item, relative to the JSON file. Expected file format is PNG. If more than one path is specified, any subsequent sprites will be changed based on sprite_change_mode (use_limits->total by default). If no sprite is specified, the game generates a placeholder sprite based on the item shape. string (File Name)
Array of string (File Name)
sprite_change_mode If more than one sprite is specified, this controls how they will be used.
Default value: Auto
sprite_scale Scale of the sprite in pixels per grid-block. Allows you to override the default scaling to make higher resolution (or lower resolution) sprites.
Default value: 16
rarity Rarity of the item
Default value: Common
shape Shape of the item, drawn in ASCII as an Array of Strings. One string represents one row of spaces, each character in each string represents a single space. Valid characters are '-' for empty space and 'X' for filled space.
You can also define an ItemEffectArea using the character 'A'.
Array of string (Shape as ASCII)
type Array of item types for this item. A few types such as Carving,Curse,Blessing and Relic put the item into a special pool of items that can then only be found in the appropriate scenario. Array of ItemType
group Array of item groupings for this item. This influences the RNG in the game to favor giving items of the same groupings as items in your inventory Array of ItemGrouping
flavor Flavor text of the item. Gets displayed in an italic font on the bottom of the item card. Put funny jokes and references here. :) string
animation Player animation that gets played when the item is used.
Default value: UseItem
soundeffect Sound Effect that is played when the item is used.
Default value: None

Item Dungeon Spawn Behavior

findable If false, the item cannot be found in the game naturally (combat rewards, shops, chest etc). It can only be spawned by an event of a CreateEffect of another item.
Default value: True
supported_characters Array of supported characters. Item will only spawn for characters listed here. If Array is empty or contains 'any', it will spawn for all characters.
Default value: any
Array of Character
found_in Array of DungeonZones the item can naturally spawn in. If this is empty, it will spawn anywhere. Array of DungeonZone

Item Behavior

use_costs Object that contains the use costs of the item.
Default value: {"energy":0} if item has OnUse trigger. Else, {}
use_limits Use limits (e.g. 3 uses per Combat) LimitedUses
item_status_effects ItemStatusEffects that are active when the item spawns. This can include things like Heavy or Floating, or properties like canBeForged or canBeMovedInCombat Array of ItemStatusEffect
combat_effects Effects that perform a combat action, e.g. Damage, Block, Poison. Array of CombatEffect
modifiers Effects that modify a property of this or other items. E.g. if your effect is 5 Damage it would add 5 damage to the item, rather than attacking the enemy for 5 Array of Modifier
add_modifiers This let's you add modifiers to this or other items. You could e.g. say 'Every diagonal item has a modifier that disables every item adjacent to it.' Array of AddModifier
movement_effects Effects about moving the item around in the inventory. This is not to be confused with 'movable' which defines the ability to move the item by hand Array of MovementEffect
create_effects Effects that create items. This could be used to spawn items on use, or to replace the item with another one when it is destroyed Array of CreateEffect

Extra Modules

movable Properties about the item being movable with the cursor, e.g. playable on other items during combat. Not to be confused with MovementEffects, which move the item automatically based on a trigger. Movable
alternate_use Properties about the triggers onAlternateUse and onComboUse. This can be used to set up costs and usage restrictions for those triggers. Optional AlternateUse
manastone Properties about manastone functionality, like current and max mana. This is mandetory if the Item type includes ManaStone Manastone
carving Properties about carving functionality, like summon cost. This is mandetory if the Item type includes Carving Carving