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Item Basics

General Settings

This section describes general properties of your item, like the name, sprite, item type, rarity or shape. Some are required, some are optional. Here's a highlight of the most important properties. For a full format description, see the JSON Reference.

Name, Rarity, and Item Type

name defines the name of your item, as seen on the item card. You can either just set the name as a simple text, or, if you want to support multiple languages, you can set it as a MultiLanguage object

    "name":"A cool item",
Or as a MultiLanguage Object
    "name": {
        "English":"A cool item",
        "German": "Ein Cooler Gegenstand"

rarity is a Enum object, meaning it accepts text values, from a predetermined list of values. This sets the rarity of your item. Relic is not a Rarity, but an Item Type and should be set to "Legendary".

type defines the list of Item Types of your item. It is an Array of Enums of ItemTypes. Some Values are reserved for certain types of items and may require additional settings. Some other types may impact the spawn behavior of your items. For example items of type Curse will never show up in normal combat rewards, unless the player was cursed.

This page is work in progress. Please see JSON Reference for more details.